Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anonymity online

One of the reasons the Internet has become so popular is that there is the promise of anonymity, which means that people can post opinions, thoughts, ideas, and without fear of recourse. Although some organizations are getting better at identifying those that can actually cause harm, there is still a big risk even carry the anonymity of the Internet because anyone can say anything. However, at the same time there are some advantages to it, which makes the issue worth investigating.

First of all, one of the advantages of anonymity is that you can submit reviews of products, components and other related markets, without fear of recourse, you really are unhappy. Instead of worrying that someone will find out, you can honestly say that what you're thinking that leads to discussions on reliable customer feedback. However, at the same time, it is also a risk, because there are those who simply wanted to be harmful, which means that some reviews and comments should be reliable as there are ulterior motives involved.
The same can be said of anonymity on the Internet through the online world of newspapers and news commentary. Now there is freedom of the press in a way that has never existed before, with people writing what they want because they can publish on the Internet readers and gain. In the same line, people can read a topic, discussion, or news article and make any comments as they related to instantly, allowing more people to express their views on an issue than ever. This can lead to some sick reason, but once again the assumption that identities are hidden some people use this authoritative source of expression for other abused.
It is not uncommon to find reviews as very painful in a news article or positive comments and feedback logic. Even news containing news of his death quickly becomes unstable with people commenting inappropriate. For example, Yahoo recently ran a story about a skydiver who died when the parachute failed to open, and condolences were among the many people who wrote them deserved to die for their selection in the sky dive in the first place . Naturally, the family of this man, the comments will be extremely difficult to read, but because people should not leave a name they feel completely comfortable saying things that will be filtered before.
It is impossible to stop this happening, considering the fact that the premise of the Internet really is freedom of speech, however, it appears that a high moral code should be adopted on the Internet in order to protect freedom of speech, while not providing those without the right to abuse him conscious. After all, everyone has the right to freedom, but not when they violate their comments to the happiness of others, which is also a freedom that everyone should be entitled.

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